Alan Munde and Kitty Ledbetter

Alan Munde is one of the most highly respected and best-loved banjo players in the world. A master of both melodic and traditional Scruggs styles of playing, Alan has played professionally for over 40 years. He has performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. Long admired for his creative mastery of adapting fiddle tunes to the banjo, Alan's vast repertoire ranges from standard bluegrass and Texas swing to gospel, jazz and original compositions. Stylistically, Alan's playing is lyrical in nature. His artful back-up is unsurpassed, enlivening songs with a delightful, endless mix of rolls, runs, licks and chops played with precision, clarity and beautiful tone.Of his more than 20 recordings, two-- Alan Munde's Banjo Sandwich and A Traitor in Our Midst-- were best-selling bluegrass albums for years.

Alan also recorded and contributed to the 2001 International Bluegrass Music Association Instrumental Album of the Year, Knee Deep in Bluegrass. In 2008 he and his longtime partner Joe Carr were presented with the IBMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kitty Ledbetter met Alan in the late 1970s when she was a country radio disc jockey. Playing acoustic bass is her primary hobby when she is not quilting, writing, or teaching British Victorian literature at Texas State University.